Welcome to Pubvana

Built to be the easiest, most intuitive CMS to use for personal blogging & websites and small business websites.

It's MIT Licensed and completely free to use for personal and commercial purposes.


We utilize the easy to use and powerful Twitter Bootstrap front-end framework. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

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Easy To Use

Pubvana provides fast, powerful blogging and pages. It's made for bloggers and small business websites!


You're able to make your website as unique as you. Choose from pre-made themes, build your own, or contact us to build one especially for you.

Multiple Languages

Pubvana has been translated into several languages and the list continues to grow.

Blog To Email

Visitors can subscribe to your blog and get blog posts in their inbox. They don't even need to come to your site to see what you have to say.


Get an email when new content is added.

Recent Posts

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Pubvana v1.0.4 Update Release

We released a bugfix and minor update release today.
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Open Blog is now Pubvana

Open Blog is transitioning to a new brand, Pubvana
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Pubvana Released!

Pubvana v1.0.0 was released today.
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A New Open Blog

Open Blog is transitioning to a new brand.
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Open Blog Themes

Open Blog Themes are here!
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Themes Coming Soon!

We're rolling out theme downloads in the near future. Subscribe now to get notifications!
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Version 3 Public Release Goes Live!

Open Blog going live in 3...2...1 !
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Subscriptions for the Open Blog website

Subscriptions for the Open Blog website and dealing with bounced emails.
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Beta 3 Release

OB3 Beta 3 release and hint of things to come with theming.
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Open Blog Beta

Open Blog is now in Beta testing!


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