Fri, 23 Mar 2018 (Last Update: Mon, 26 Mar 2018)

When you, as a Developer, connect a Stripe Account to our account for payments, you agree to the payment terms and conditions below, our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and to's Services Agreement and Connected Account Agreement. You must be eligible and link a valid Stripe account to Pubvana,org to sell Addons on

We collect payments from website visitors for Addons. utilizes for our Credit Card Processing needs. Stripe allows us to charge for a product on a Developer's behalf and send them direct payment via their Stripe Account minus our Application Fee. See FAQ for more information.


We collect & store:

  • A unique Stripe User/Account ID - created when you link your account to Pubvana.
    • We do not collect any personal or financial information from you except what falls under our Terms of Service.

It's really up to you. Take into account the amount of time and your expertise. Writing software and plugins is always a gamble, set the price too high and you won't be able to sell it, set it too low and you're not getting adequately paid for your work. Also keep in mind, often, the lower you set a price, the more an add-on will sell. It can be a bit of marketing scheme too. Would you rather sell 1 item at $100 or 100 items at $10? If the latter, now your product is in front of 100 people, which can help in future sales when they come looking for a new add-on, they'll look for you first.
Stripe calls this an Application Fee, We call it a Service Fee. We charge 20% of the price of your Addon to host, advertise Addons, and act as a Payment clearinghouse for all things related to Pubvana. It helps us have more products for the software, and helps you make money and take payments easier.

Example: If you sell your product for $20, then Pubvana's commission is $4.

To Disconnect, also known as Revoking Platform Access:
Simply visit: after logging in and revoke access to Pubvana.

Important Notice: If you disconnect your Stripe account from Pubvana you grant us all rights to continue to sell & collect monies from the add-on at the price you've set or, at our discretion, offer your Addon to visitors for free. At any time you reconnect your Stripe Account, you will immediately begin receiving payments again. We do this to protect customers who have already purchased or may want to purchase your Addon.

The Addons store is where Pubvana users and visitors will be directed to look for added functionality. It's essetually free advertising for your Addons.

You are, of course, welcome to sell any Addons for Pubvana wherever you like.

We've deliberately chosen not to use PayPal as the company is not a bank and is not subject to banking regulations which protects you. A quick Google search will reveal many reasons why we've chosen not to use them.

Pubvana v1.0.4 Update Release
Pubvana v1.0.4 Update Release

We released a bugfix and minor update release today.

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