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Fri, 23 Mar 2018 (Last Update: Fri, 23 Mar 2018)
by: Pubvana Admin
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Pubvana v1.0.0 was released today.

To get started with a fresh install, visit the installation guide at

I'm working on the Open Blog v3 to Pubvana upgrade guide and that will be available soon.

New Features added to Pubvana since Open Blog v3.0.6
  • Added post and page search capabilities
  • Added sitemap.xml(valid xml output) & robots.txt generator
  • Added Google Analytics tracking
  • Added Contact form (controller)
  • Added date_modified to pages & posts
  • Moved all google services to Google tab in Settings
  • Refactored Open Graph output for pages & posts in <head>
  • Added Twitter meta data output in <head>
  • Added Media Manager (Admin)
  • Added Theme Options Manager (Admin)
  • Modified Settings display of tabs to vertical display
  • Added nestedSortable to Navigation (admin) to add the ability to create dropdowns in main nav
  • Changed comments to Comment System. Added support for Facebook - Comment Plugin
  • Admin theme now looks for [group_permission:name]_hdr when showing the title in the admin area.
  • We now count (and can display) how many views a post has. post_count
  • Created Widget system
  • updated Admin dashboard
  • updated /installer/ mcrypt_create_iv() error.
  • Added lang()s to admin dashboard
  • Added Confirm dialog to all remove/delete functions in Admin Dashboard
New Basic Widgets(v1.0.0)
  • HTML - Add arbitrary HTML to your website
  • Login - Simple widget to login to your site
  • Recent Posts - A list of recent blog posts
  • Links - Links to other sites
  • Categories - List of blog categories
  • Archives - List of older posts
  • Featured Post
  • Popular Posts

Widgets above are free and come installed. A store will be created for other widgets to be purchased.

A quick note about subscriptions. This will be the last post from, I will be moving your subscriptions/notifications over to Pubvana's database so you'll continue to receive timely updates.

Pubvana v1.0.4 Update Release
Pubvana v1.0.4 Update Release

We released a bugfix and minor update release today.

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